Hear from some of our supporters

  • For several years, we have been privileged to joyfully support MEDICO and its volunteers. They provide a perfect outlet for our giving because they seek to help those with serious needs and who genuinely appreciate their help. Our annual participation with the Adopt a Village project has delighted us with its results and, more importantly, assisted in meeting a variety of needs. We recall a woman’s gratitude for sacred liquid (water) in her home; the joy of a mother whose child had corrective surgery for a cleft palate; excited children with new shoes or a new school uniform (allowing them to go to school); genuine gratitude from teen age girls kept in high school; grateful young women in college working on a degree in nursing; the beaming young man who learned how to make false teeth, etc. Their response made us want to do more because such gratitude and the feeling that you really helped someone can never be bought at a candy store. Besides, we don’t need the candy and they really need the help.

    Joe and Ruth Way


  • We have been MEDICO volunteers and contributors for more than 20 years. While the headquarters for MEDICO were located in Georgetown we enjoyed sharing many hours working at the warehouse preparing items for shipping to Honduras and Nicaragua. We also worked with other volunteers in packaging of medications distributed by the medical personnel and volunteers for each team. We are friends of the founders of MEDICO as well as many of the team members serving with this organization. We have invested in MEDICO believing in their mission to serve those in need, particularly in remote, under served areas in Central America. The funds and medications donated are used wisely. The gratification of the patients and team volunteers are reflected in the happy faces of all who come in contact with MEDICO. It is a great privilege to be a part of the MEDICO team.

    Jerry and Betty Ann Sensabaugh


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